1. What I Fucked Up: The introduction to my blog.

    Hi. My name is Chelsea and this is an inventory of what I fucked up. Welcome.

    Every Wednesday morning I will post a new story about something in my life I fucked up. Not to glorify my mistakes, but to laugh at them. My logic and choices throughout the past 24 years have been consistently absurd. I’d like to believe that with every fuckup, I learn and grow and become a slightly more functional human, but then again, one of the fuckups I plan to write about on thispublic blog is “writing things on the Internet better left in a journal.” So, let’s keep our expectations low on the whole personal development front.

    Thanks for coming along with me, reading, sharing, commenting, laughing, and with luck, feeling slightly better about your own life. I really appreciate you being here. I’m going to try to make this thing awesome, but if I fuck it up, well, hopefully that won’t come as a surprise to anyone.

    So with that, again, welcome. See you on Wednesday.